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Disclaimer: Not a financial advisor, not financial advice. Additional mandatory parameters based on type: For TRAILING_STOP_MARKET, if you got such error code. She specializes in cryptocurrency and personal finance content. If no liquidation happens in the interval of 1000ms, no stream will be pushed. Shorts will pay longs, thus pulling up the perps price closer to the spot rate. Klines are uniquely identified by their open time. The trading fees range from -0.015% to 0.05% depending on your 30-day trading volume. Its calculated as follows: Funding Fee = Size of the Position (S) x Index price for the market supplied by Oracle (P) x Funding Rate (R), Funding Rate = (Premium Component / 8) + Interest Rate Component. Automatically generated if not sent. Ch s ny thay i da trn s khc bit gia gi trn th trng hp ng khng k hn v gi spot. I'm trying to get the funding rate for example for BTC/USDT on Binance Futures in real time (currently about 0.0390% as of 1620035130 Unix Timestamp, funding countdown in 06:13:32 ). Unusual Upbit Volume Bot on Twitter: "Unusual volume detected in 4h Binance ETH Staking Contest: Stake ETH to Receive Apple Products and USDT Token Vouchers! In some traditional futures markets, these contracts are marked for delivery, meaning that there is a physical delivery of the commodity. A negative funding rate means that the cryptos perpetual contract is trading at a price lower than its spot rate. The recvWindow will be checked more precisely on order placing endpoints. Binance Futures will increase the funding rate settlement frequency and capped funding rate multiplier of the OMG USD-M Contract starting from 2021-11-11 at 14:00 (UTC) to 2021-11-12 at 00:00 AM (UTC). Cancel all open orders of the specified symbol at the end of the specified countdown. Funding Rate Open Interest 24h Volume Last Updated; Binance (Futures) BTCUSDT -0.6%: 29389.27 USDT +0.085% 0.01% 0.001% $2,945,422,239 Recently Prime XBT: BTC/USD . The funding rates across crypto exchanges of different perpetual futures. However, if the BNB price drops from $20 to $18, Alice could have her position automatically closed. Lipsa is a developer turned writer with a knack for making crypto simple. Bybit has the highest funding rates at 0.121%, followed by Binance at 0.107% and Deribit at 0.098%. Client options id length should be less than 32 chars, input premium fee is less than 0, reject order, Order amount is bigger than upper boundary or less than 0, reject order, output premium fee is less than 0, reject order, original fee is too much higher than last fee, place order amount has reached to limit, reject order. WhatsApp acquired by Facebook). &side=BUY A place for posts on media buys and display advertising, A place for pay per click topics such as Google adwords, A place for posts about search engine optimisation, A place for rants about cost per action networks and information. As mentioned above, the purpose of funding rates is to prevent continued differences between the price s fo the perpetual contract markets and spot prices. This is why its necessary to hedge the position by buying the same amount of the crypto asset on spot markets. STRATEGY_UPDATE update when a strategy is created/cancelled/expired, etc. @markPrice or @markPrice@1s. // Estimated Settle Price, only useful in the last hour before the settlement starts. Because of the 10x leverage, Alice now holds a 100 BNB position (worth $20,000), with a $2,000 collateral. Funding rates are periodic payments either to traders that are long or short based on the difference between perpetual contract markets and spot prices. Legal pressure on Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange, has underscored the potentially "chilling" effect of a U.S. crackdown on crypto . Traders will. "5m","15m","30m","1h","2h","4h","6h","12h","1d", {"code": 1, "msg": "Invalid value type: expected Boolean"}, {"code": 2, "msg": "Invalid request: property name must be a string"}, {"code": 2, "msg": "Invalid request: request ID must be an unsigned integer"}, {"code": 2, "msg": "Invalid request: unknown variant %s, expected one of, Possible typo in the provided method or provided method was neither of the expected values, {"code": 2, "msg": "Invalid request: too many parameters"}, Unnecessary parameters provided in the data, {"code": 2, "msg": "Invalid request: missing field, {"code":3,"msg":"Invalid JSON: expected value at line %s column %s"}, "true": Hedge Mode; "false": One-way Mode, "true": Multi-Assets Mode; "false": Single-Asset Mode, "true" or "false". As shown in the table below, the starting maintenance margin ratio is 0.4% for BTC-USDT perpetual contracts of up to 5000 USDT. In this scenario, shorts pay a funding fee to the longs in the market. A Division of NBCUniversal. If for whatever reason, the system is not able to close her positions on time and the market price drops more, the Insurance Fund will be activated to cover those losses until the position is closed. If the symbol is not sent, tickers for all symbols will be returned in an array. Its called spot rate because the transaction is settled immediately, "on the spot", without any delay. "id": 3 ", // unrealized profit of crossed positions, // total initial margin required with current mark price (useless with isolated positions), only for USDT asset, // total maintenance margin required, only for USDT asset, // total wallet balance, only for USDT asset, // total unrealized profit, only for USDT asset, // total margin balance, only for USDT asset, // initial margin required for positions with current mark price, only for USDT asset, // initial margin required for open orders with current mark price, only for USDT asset, // crossed wallet balance, only for USDT asset, // unrealized profit of crossed positions, only for USDT asset, // available balance, only for USDT asset, // maximum amount for transfer out, only for USDT asset, // total initial margin required with current mark price, //initial margin required for positions with current mark price, // initial margin required for open orders with current mark price, // positions of all symbols in the market are returned, // only "BOTH" positions will be returned with One-way mode, // only "LONG" and "SHORT" positions will be returned with Hedge mode, // initial margin required with current mark price, // initial margin required for positions with current mark price, // maximum available notional with current leverage, // the sum of USD value of all cross positions/open order initial margin, // the sum of USD value of all cross positions maintenance margin, // the sum of USD value of all cross positions initial margin, // initial margin required for open orders with current mark price in USD, // unrealized profit of crossed positions in USD, // maximum virtual amount for transfer out in USD. Generally, they are calculated based on the premium and interest components of each trading pair. "params": Binance has invested in Tellor on Sep 29, 2022. : New field "bc" for balance change in event "ACCOUNT_UPDATE". For large amounts there is also a liquidity risk of being able to get in and out of positions with minimal slippage. So, BTC-USDT suggests that you must deposit margin in USDT stablecoin to open a long/short BTC perpetual contract. If this endpoint is called with an countdownTime of 0, the countdown timer will be stopped. Target strategy invalid for orderType '%s',reduceOnly '%b'. Create Futures Grid Strategies to Share Up to 50,000 USDT in Rewards & VIP+1 Upgrade Vouchers! Binance is available in most countries, including the United States under (with the exception of a few states). Additionally, the price for gold or wheat in a futures market may be different depending on how far is the contract settlement date. Binance offers a notification feature where they will send you an email/SMS/in-app notification when the funding rate reaches a certain percentage. Binance has raised a total of $3B across 4 funds, their latest being Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Fund. If the websocket server does not receive a pong frame back from the connection within a 15 minute period, the connection will be disconnected. The following liquidation orders streams do not push realtime order data anymore. On Binance Futures, the interest rate is fixed at 0.03% daily (0.01% per funding interval), with the exception of contracts such as BNBUSDT and BNBBUSD, where interest rates are 0%. User in single-asset/ multi-assets mode will see different value, see comments in response section for detail. La majorit a rapidement de nouveau switch bear mdr. Example usage: Funding rate = Premium index + Clamp (0.01% - Premium index, 0.05%, -0.05%). The exceptional 1000%+ APY returns might not last forever but while the opportunity is there I think its a great strategy. On Monday, Coinbase filed suit against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission making good on a vow made by CEO Brian Armstrong last week to take the regulator to court. The BLVT NAV system is working relatively with Binance Futures, so the endpoint is based on fapi. Please check your existing position and open orders, The counterparty's best price does not meet the PERCENT_PRICE filter limit, Quantity must be zero with closePosition equals true, Reduce only must be true with closePosition equals true, Order type can not be market if it's unable to cancel, Invalid symbol status for opening position, REJECT: take profit or stop order will be triggered immediately, Leverage reduction is not supported in Isolated Margin Mode with open positions, Order's notional must be no smaller than 5.0 (unless you choose reduce only), Order's notional must be no smaller than %s (unless you choose reduce only). So, traders can develop strategies that allow them to take advantage of funding rates and profit from it. Not a financial advisor, not financial advice. Price is higher than mark price multiplier cap. Essentially anyone who is short on the DEFI-USDT contract will be collecting 0.3714% every eight hours to hold that position. Investment and portfolio management. Traders must have open positions 15 seconds before or after the specified funding times in order to be liable to pay or receive any funding fees. In this article Ill be executing a cash and carry trade purchasing a crypto asset on spot markets and short selling a futures contract for the same asset to collect funding rate fees. The live Binance USD price today is $0.99 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $527491.42 USD. So, the Insurance Fund is a mechanism designed to use the collateral taken from liquidated traders to cover losses of bankrupt accounts. If we are not using leverage then we will need to split our capital in half to do this reducing the strategies returns if you calculate in the cost of capital required to hedge the position. Binance CEO Lawyers Up Amid 'Chilling' U.S. Crypto Regulatory Climate 1 for a single symbol; For the BTC-USD trading pair, the initial and maintenance margin requirements are 5% and 3%, respectively. However, please note your earning potential will be limited by the amount of cash you can spend up front in the BTC spot and perpetuals market. The initial margin is what backs your leveraged position, acting as collateral. The exchange also supports 600 cryptocurrencies on its international site and over 130 cryptocurrencies on When you have open positions on a perpetual futures market, your PnL is unrealized, meaning its still changing in response to market moves. The regular expression rule for newClientOrderId updated as ^[\.A-Z\:/a-z0-9_-]{1,36}$. 2.2 - Sign payload using RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5 algorithm with SHA-256 hash function. Official Website. If the symbol is not sent, prices for all symbols will be returned in an array. The mark price is an estimate of the true value of a contract (fair price) when compared to its actual trading price (last price). On Binance, funding rates are paid between users i.e. The Index Price consists of the average price of an asset, according to major spot markets and their relative trading volume. When the funding rate is positive, it means that the price of the perpetual contract is higher than the mark price. Positive funding rates suggests speculators are bullish and long traders pay funding to short traders. Not all sent parameters were read; read '%s' parameter(s) but was sent '%s'. On the other hand, a low premium means there is only a narrow difference between the two prices. The initial and maintenance margin requirements are different for different trading pairs. "0.00038167", // Funding rate "T": 1562306400000 // Next funding time} Mark price and funding rate for a single symbol pushed every 3 seconds or every second. This means that the larger the position value, the lower the maximum leverage allowed. On most exchanges the funding rate occurs every 8 hours. Here, you can set the funding fee trigger. In contrast, a negative funding rate means that short positions pay longs. Her comments mark a rare statement on the Binance suit to media since the CFTC first announced it was suing the company on Mar. On the other hand, if a crypto perpetuals funding rate is negative and you open a short position expecting a further fall in its price, youll need to pay a funding fee to your long counterparty. There is now a Postman collection containing the API endpoints for quick and easy use. // Too many violations under multiple symbols trigger account violation, // Average time taken for data download in the past 30 days, // The link would expire after this timestamp, "pqia91ma19a5s61cv6a81va65sdf19v8a65a1a5s61cv6a81va65sdf19v8a65a1", // Cross Wallet Balance. The larger the total position, the higher the required margin. Binance Futures Trading: Funding Rate Funding rates are payments made to long or short traders, calculated on the difference between the perpetual contract price and spot price. Bitcoin: Futures Perpetual Funding Rate Nhn k mt cht cc sn cng ang cho thy t Long chuyn sang short c th nh #Binance, #OKX v y l 2 sn c khng lng LONG SHORT nhiu nht [2/11] default "false". !markPrice@arr or !markPrice@arr@1s. Composite index information for index symbols pushed every second. We want to hear from you. Stream Name: Initial Margin, Maintenance Margin, and Leverage details for BTC-USDT perpetual. bks field only shows up when bracket gets updated. Changpeng Zhao (CZ) and Ye He founded Binance in 2017. Unusual volume detected in 4h chart: $ATOM - $11.223 (+0.28%) Upbit: Average 50 4h volume: 62 Thousand Last: 131 Thousand Percent change: 112.22% Binance . // indicator: quantitative rules indicators, value: user's indicators value, triggerValue: trigger indicator value threshold of quantitative rules. Argentina Regulator Authorizes Bitcoin Futures Index Upcoming soon. From a developer perspective we use web3 libraries such as ethers.js to connect traditional websites and dApps to EVM compatible blockchain networks such as Ethereum. The Liquidation Order Snapshot Streams push force liquidation order information for specific symbol. Weight: The order will not be recorded in the order history", "Due to the order could not be executed as maker, the Post Only order will be rejected. Binance (Futures) is a derivative cryptocurrency exchange established in 2019. If startTime and endTime are not sent, the most recent data is returned. Diversity Spotlight (US Headquarters Only). 24hr rolling window mini-ticker statistics for all symbols. Crypto exchanges need funding rates to ensure that crypto perpetual prices stay close to crypto spot prices at all times. If you want to check current server time, please check via "GET /fapi/v1/time", // whether the asset can be used as margin in Multi-Assets mode, // auto-exchange threshold in Multi-Assets margin mode, // threshold for algo order with "priceProtect", // the max price difference rate( from mark price) a market order can make. Without the Insurance Fund, Alices balance would not only drop from $2,000 to zero but could also become negative. A crypto funding rate is a small percentage of your positions value that you must pay to or receive from your counterparty at regular intervals. BTC On-Chain Analysis: Negative Funding Rates and Declining Open New field "indexPrice" in response to endpoint. Since the funding rate is negative, you open a long position with $10,000 margin. Therefore, opening a short position would be the most lucrative in these three exchanges. The Blockchain Sector newsletter goes out a few times a month when there is breaking news or interesting developments to discuss. Serious trading is about timing. As a consequence, gold or wheat has to be stored and transported, which creates additional costs (known as carrying costs). "HEDGE" as a sign will be returned instead of "BOTH"; A same value caculated on unrealized pnls on long and short sides' positions will be shown for "LONG" and "SHORT" when there are positions in both of long and short sides. This is critical: a. For me it provides a way to take a small amount of profits out of the markets and put those funds to use. Funding Rates For Perpetual Swaps - coinglass Get More Info . In general, the liquidation price changes according to the risk and leverage of each user (based on their collateral and net exposure). Each endpoint has a security type that determines the how you will SAKURA Exchange BitCoin acquired by Binance, Total amount raised across all funding rounds, Total number of lead investment firms and individual investors, This profile is locked. In this case, longs will pay funding fees to shorts, thus incentivizing opposing positions and pulling the perps price closer to the spot rate. The funding fee and funding rate are calculated as follows: Funding Amount = Mark Value x Funding Rate, Funding Rate (F) = Premium Index (P) + Clamp (Interest Rate (I) - Premium Index (P), 0.05%, -0.05%). Like most of its peers, the funding rate is calculated and paid out every 8 hours. Here's what happened , ADA, AVAX, BCH, BSV, DOT, EOS, ETC, ETH, FIL, LINK, LTC, SOL, TRX, XRP. Crypto perpetual trading pairs like BTC-USDT, ETH-USDT, ETH-USDC, etc., tell you about the asset you can use as margin to open your long/short positions. Some endpoints will require an API Key. Buffer the events you receive from the stream. Default "CONTRACT_PRICE", "TRUE" or "FALSE", default "FALSE". A positive funding rate means that a crypto perps price is higher than the spot rate, and going short will earn you a funding fee. If user gets liquidated due to insufficient margin balance: If user has enough margin balance but gets ADL: When the account configuration is changed, the event type will be pushed as ACCOUNT_CONFIG_UPDATE, When the leverage of a trade pair changes, the payload will contain the object ac to represent the account configuration of the trade pair, where s represents the specific trade pair and l represents the leverage, When the user Multi-Assets margin mode changes the payload will contain the object ai representing the user account configuration, where j represents the user Multi-Assets margin mode. The Binance Portfolio Margin Program is a cross-asset margin program supporting consolidated margin balance across trading products with over 200+ effective crypto collaterals. The combined property is set to false when connecting using /ws/ ("raw streams") and true when connecting using /stream/. m -> minutes; h -> hours; d -> days; w -> weeks; M -> months. The purpose of funding rates is to encourage traders to take positions that allow the perpetual contract prices to be in line with the spot market. In general, when a perpetual futures . "We've been in continuing conversations with the business to describe what we understand is potentially problematic conduct and to give them an opportunity to explain that conduct and to help us find a path forward. BUSD Introduction on Binance. git clone, To get the provided SDK for Binance Futures, Coinglass is a cryptocurrency futures trading & information platform,where you can find the Bitcoin Liquidations ,Bitcoin open interest, Grayscale Bitcoin TrustBitcoin longs vs shorts ratio and actively compare funding rates for crypto futures.Above all the quantities are shown as per their respective contract value. Funding rates repre. Kristin N. Johnson, commissioner at the CFTC, said the regulator has been in conversations with Binance to address its concerns about the company's conduct. Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. The crypto industry is still largely unregulated, however calls for it to be brought within the regulatory fold have grown following recent blowups in the space like the implosion of crypto exchange FTX and stablecoin firm Terra. Solidity is the programming language of Ethereum and all EVM compatible blockchains. Auto-deleveraging refers to a method of counterparty liquidation that only takes place if the Insurance Fund stops functioning (during specific situations). // if the positions of the symbol are crossed margined in Hedge Mode, "LONG" and "SHORT" will be returned a same quantile value, and "HEDGE" will be returned instead of "BOTH". Timestamp in ms to get aggregate trades from INCLUSIVE. Timestamp for this request is outside of the recvWindow. The crypto asset with the highest funding rate will change based on what the price action is doing at that time and how traders are positioning themselves. More than %s hours between startTime and endTime. Please ignore with TRAILING_STOP_MARKET order, // Commission Asset, will not push if no commission, // Commission, will not push if no commission, // If Close-All, pushed with conditional order, // Activation Price, only puhed with TRAILING_STOP_MARKET order, // Callback Rate, only puhed with TRAILING_STOP_MARKET order, // Portfolio Margin Notional Limit in USDT, // Portfolio margin maximum virtual amount for transfer out in USD, SIGNED (TRADE and USER_DATA) Endpoint Security, Continuous Contract Kline/Candlestick Data, Live Subscribing/Unsubscribing to streams, Continuous Contract Kline/Candlestick Streams, How to manage a local order book correctly, Composite Index Symbol Information Streams, Get Future Account Transaction History List (USER_DATA), Get Current Multi-Assets Mode (USER_DATA), Get Position Margin Change History (TRADE), Notional and Leverage Brackets (USER_DATA), Position ADL Quantile Estimation (USER_DATA), Futures Trading Quantitative Rules Indicators (USER_DATA), Get Download Id For Futures Transaction History (USER_DATA), Get Futures Transaction History Download Link by Id (USER_DATA), Event: Account Configuration Update previous Leverage Update, Portfolio Margin Account Information (USER_DATA), Websocket BLVT NAV Kline/Candlestick Streams,,,, How to Enroll into the Binance Portfolio Margin Program. Although uncommon, this could happen during periods of high. Funding Fee = Funding Rate x Position Value, Funding rate (F) = Premium index (P) + Clamp (Interest Rate (I)-Premium Index (P), 0.05%, -0.05%). So your initial margin would be 10% of the total order. But the tech giant's future is still bright, first announced it was suing the company on Mar. dbefbc809e3e83c283a984c3a1459732ea7db1360ca80c5c2c8867408d28cc83, 2b5eb11e18796d12d88f13dc27dbbd02c2cc51ff7059765ed9821957d82bb4d9, vE3BDAL1gP1UaexugRLtteaAHg3UO8Nza20uexEuW1Kh3tVwQfFHdAiyjjY428o2, Default 500; Valid limits:[5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000]. The margin requirements may go up to 50% and 25%, respectively, for position sizes exceeding $30 million. The platform calculates a positions margin requirement using the following formula: Position Margin = Face Value x Position Amount x Last Price / Leverage. Thus, unlike conventional futures, perpetual contracts are often traded at a price that is equal or very similar to spot markets. If the positions of the symbol are crossed margined in Hedge Mode: Weight: 20 with symbol, 50 without symbol, GET /fapi/v1/commissionRate (HMAC SHA256), GET /fapi/v1/income/asyn/id (HMAC SHA256), For one connection(one user data), the user data stream payloads can guaranteed to be in order during heavy periods; Strongly recommend you order your updates using E. Start a new user data stream. { Funding rate is a price-anchoring mechanism through which a crypto perpetual futures contracts price is kept close to its spot rate. "triggerProtect" of a symbol can be got from, BUY: latest price ("MARK_PRICE" or "CONTRACT_PRICE") >=, SELL: latest price ("MARK_PRICE" or "CONTRACT_PRICE") <=, BUY: latest price ("MARK_PRICE" or "CONTRACT_PRICE") <=, SELL: latest price ("MARK_PRICE" or "CONTRACT_PRICE") >=, BUY: the lowest price after order placed <=, SELL: the highest price after order placed >=. Binance, FTX Most other top 10 non-stablecoin cryptocurrencies traded lower, though Binance's BNB gained after the world's biggest crypto exchange added the Sui blockchain to its Launchpool. Bitcoin (BTC) Funding Rate Cannot add position margin: position is 0. maxPrice and priceDecimal too large,please check. Funding rates on crypto assets are currently at very high levels because we are in a bull market and most traders are betting on further gains. The maintenance margin is a dynamic value that changes according to market price and to your account balance (collateral). I ended up building a bot to automate the strategy using NodeJS and the exchange APIs. For this example, the private key will be referenced as test-prv-key.pem. Initial margin is the minimum value you must pay to open a leveraged position. Get The Blockchain Sector Newsletter, binge the YouTube channel and connect with me on Twitter. Other than that, the trading of perpetual contracts is based on an underlying Index Price. Please refer to. The current low was reached at $32,900 on . @depth OR @depth@500ms OR @depth@100ms. Note that only tickers that have changed will be present in the array. peer-to-peer. Different exchanges have different mechanisms for calculation of funding rates and funding fees. Default gets most recent trades. Binance calculates the funding rate based on two factors: The interest rate, and the premium. The fee is charged based on your total position value, regardless of the leverage. 24hr rolling window ticker statistics for a single symbol. Client tran id length should be less than 64 chars, Client tran id should be unique within 7 days, ReduceOnly Order Failed. "method": "SET_PROPERTY", USD-M Contract starting from 2021-11-11 at 14:00 (UTC) to 2021-11-12 at 00:00 AM (UTC). In a traditional crypto futures contract, two traders agree to buy and sell a crypto asset on or before a future date. event type is ORDER_TRADE_UPDATE. The trading pairs offered may vary from exchange to exchange. Binance has made 26 investments. These are NOT the statistics of the UTC day, but a 24hr rolling window from requestTime to 24hrs before. It works by sending periodic payments between long and short traders. A futures contract tracks the price of an underlying asset. If the symbol is not sent, bookTickers for all symbols will be returned in an array. Information and development tutorials about smart contracts. It may vary from 0.05% to 0% for users with higher trading volumes. BTC On-Chain Analysis: A Look at Funding Rate & Open Interest All endpoints return either a JSON object or array. After introducing the principle of extendable commodities above, the method of spot-futures funding rate arbitrage will be introduced below . The recvWindow check will also be performed when orders reach matching engine. "id": 1 Klines are uniquely identified by their open time. Grayscale Bitcoin TrustBitcoin longs vs shorts ratio and actively compare funding rates for crypto futures.Above all the quantities are shown as . Meanwhile, the premium fluctuates depending on the price difference between the perpetual contract and the mark price. POST /fapi/v1/positionMargin (HMAC SHA256), GET /fapi/v1/positionMargin/history (HMAC SHA256). Get an online subscription and you can unlock any article you come across, getting instant emails when our site updates, too. A single connection can listen to a maximum of 200 streams. To avoid liquidation, you can either close your positions before the liquidation price is reached or add more funds to your collateral balance - causing the liquidation price to move further away from the current market price. Funding Fee = Position Value x Funding Rate, Position Value = Quantity of Contract / Mark Price, Funding Rate (F) = Premium Index (P) + Clamp (Interest Rate (I) Premium Index (P), 0.05%, -0.05%). PS:Funding rates (0.01%) are black colour,it's neutral.Funding rates (below 0.01%) are green colour,it's bullish .Funding rates (above 0.01%) are red colour,it's bearish.The stronger the bearish or bullish sentiment, the darker the color. Considering the possible data latency from RESTful endpoints during an extremely volatile market, it is highly recommended to get the order status, position, etc from the Websocket user data stream.

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