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I went to see my OBGYN a couple of days ago, just for my 4 week standard check-up. I love you. I actually got nervous as I went to not shake her hand, but to give her a hug instead. This extreme fatigue and nausea, are mentally beating me down. Hopefully in the next month or so, Ill have some of my energy back, but until then, I WILL power through this. Running on the beach. The one of a dead child, due to cancer. I opened the card and it was from some girls that live in our neighborhood. In bed? Her little face is all filled out. I should have been his, for much more than almost 4 years. Sometimes I pretend like I am watching a movie or reading a book of a stranger who is living the life that I am living. May 9th. I need your help. We spent hours upon hours talking about it. I am so scared of having a still birth because thats the world I live in now and its all I hear about, besides cancer.. Dr. Sholler gets in Friday night to me my surrogate runner and I am so excited to see her and have her here. Im sitting in the parking lot. Either way, I dont see myself leaving it anytime soon. She made me smile so for that moment in time, I was o.k. Alright, Ronan. She is a wonderful doctor. She would fall over if I became a vegetarian. If you are not and you are still complaining about this shit I would really like to punch you in the face. Fuck this FUCK THIS FUCK THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! "My darling, call the number back." This came from the man who answers every phone call from every unknown number that rings him up . We still havent seen too many people as we are still just trying to take our time and get used to this new little life. I need to find a hobby during my witching hours. I chose to escape instead. I talked to your Sparkly the other day. Obviously someone who never lost a child. Ronan. Let him be fine. Now Im crying every single day, sometimes every single hour. I had just lost you. This will be your legacy, Ronan. Although this is a happy time for us in our lives, the sadness of not having you here, to meet your baby sister is almost at times too much for me to even fathom. She also told me she hoped I was o.k. Showing her your picture. I ran the lake as fast as I could with an injured knee from my previous running that I have been doing. All I can say is I cannot believe all of this. I was listening to, I cried when I ran over to the mall looking for a very specific gift which I could not find, I cried when I went over to the baby girl section and tried to look at the clothes. 4 boys but there should have been 6. "My darling. Eddie Vedder will forever be one of my idols in life as I appreciate so much how he just lives his life the way he wants, with no apologies. You have to be mentally and physically exhausted, sweetheart. I end up with a black mascara filled face and usually huddled up on the floor somewhere. He was proud of the advice he gave me that I listened to. I needed the blackness of the night that only exists due to this little frienemy of mine. No sleep needed. Once I got to my car, I knew it would be a while before I was able to leave the parking lot. Not because I dont love it. It makes me feel happy. Of course it did. I had the talk with Stacy and Fernanda this week. I am really glad about that because of days like today that seem to just magically fall into place when I need a big slap in the face of why what I am doing, is so important. Its all I can do just to survive it. Clarity tonight is mine and I'm not letting it go. This is what you were meant to do and will do for the rest of your life. Coming from her, I was beyond flattered. All I can do is my best and I want to do this the right way, not the rushed way. Taken on March 29, 2011. I was in the middle of sending an email when he came down to get me. When I'm not writing to you on the blog, I feel like a bad mom to you. Again, but not always. Mascara and snot everywhere. Mr. Sparkly Eyes called. Handing her your Rocard. Trust me. We sat, just the 4 of us and I tried to let myself relax and enjoy our dinner. It had not spread, and now that it was removed, everything was going to be fine. Especially when it involves you, which it always does. Ronan. Thank you for him. I truly expected more from you. A long talk with Mr. Sparkly eyes, an email from my Mrs. This led to him calling my phone. You didnt see everything he went through, but you saw more than most people. The fact that I still dont really feel all giddy and excited about this baby, scares me a little bit. I almost made your daddy take me to the ER as I thought I was massively dehydrated. Not one second. Its a baby girl. I watched his eyes light up in a way that his often do, when he is truly happy. Not the day you flew away to the heavens above, not the day you went to be with Jesus, not the day you went to a better place where you are an angel now, not the day that you became free, not the day that you went home. I am not about to soften this blow with any of that bullshit. I never thought I would have a girl, but have always felt like I was meant to have one. Your daddy keeps reminding me how much you wanted a brother or sister. Sweet dreams, little one. I hope you are safe. Im sure my feeling this way is due to a combination of things. From what I can see here, it looks like you are having a baby girl. Really? He deserved better. This is my purpose. It was a boy. She put the little wand over my belly. How much you hated them. Nothing. Blackness engulfs my forever painfully aching body of grief. I cannot take the things down from your room, only to fill them with something new. Please keep all the other people out there, who may be going through a hard time, in your thoughts. We have so much going on which we are all so thankful for. She is so lucky to have you. He responded back with a simple, I will. I said, I know. There is not a second of the day, that I do not miss you. Today, was not a day I expected at all. It was a balloon with a card and a little baggie attached to it. I was wrong. I came home yesterday to the sweetest thing on our porch. I took her to your favorite pizza spot, Delizas, which is right by the Ronald McDonald House. Let the evil secret cancer plans to take over the world, begin. Get a few more things done. Ah, for those of you who have also been asking the logo for Ronans Foundation is a little seal, because that is what his name means Irish and Gaelic. Im o.k. I have a ways to go. It is so a sport you would have kicked ass at. What if I totally freak out and lose it? Dr. Mosse from Chop. Avoiding my reality once in a while helps me get through the days that I just cant take living this life without you anymore. A world of shiny, happy people. It actually felt good. I came home and fell into a deep sleep. Then I went down that road. Lights out for the next 7 hours. I left there, feeling like my heart was going to explode from the pain of missing you. Liam of course tried to tell me it was just another cat. I love you so much. Marisa. Becca. NYC with our Fairy RoMo is my paradise. The song was supposed to be on her original RED album, but her record executive, Scott Borchetta, did not think it would be a good fit for the album, so she released it as a stand-alone single to help benefit cancer charities. Those two, will always go by their nicknames. Ive been having flashbacks of the end of your days, off and on today. I think I will try not to die from the pain of physically feeling, with every cell in my body, that you are not here. I am going to build something amazing with it. It didnt. I am so excited to meet this beautiful gift you have given us. Its early in the day around 5 a.m. This year, I know the things in my life that I will be thankful for and my list wont include stupid black friday. Quinnmade a commentabout how weird it felt to have another person living in our house again with us. It was an emotional day but so rewarding as well. I am trying to relish in all the beauty of this but it is secretly making me hostile. Lying in bed for the past year, would not have made you proud. Then I usually come back home, do a few things, but fall back into a coma like sleep for a few hours. I need to rough them up a bit. Now that Ive met you, youre in. It was like I was let into the most exclusive club that ever existed. He called me a control freak and told me to settle down and to start listening to my body instead of fighting everything. Follow up plans were made. I died when you died. Having my own office, is going to help so much. Im sorry, Im sorry, Im sorry., Him: Stop saying youre sorry. I had all I could take. Ive been really busy. Then I remembered. The MRI showed a mass behind Nela's eye and it turned out, Nela did not just have allergies. Woody called me from the plane and told me what had happened. I just made a choice to get back up and live the only way I know how to live now by fighting for you and all you were robbed of. I dont know if things will ever be alright, Ronan. I am about to have this baby girl and also your 2 years since you died is right around the corner. I ended up walking a bit too but I was fine with that. I sacrifice myself, for them. You are a writer, plain and simple. I am not perfect. My time sucked but today, I had nothing to prove at all. Hormones. Complainers are everywhere. I truly think you thought you were just going to go to sleep and wake up once again, after we got you all better. on A city where the happy is too loud so lets go away to the coldbeach, Not a life full of beauty but one full of beautiful momentsinstead, From what I can see here, it looks like you are having a baby. Star became known to a wider audience as contestant on the CBS reality TV show Rock Star: Supernova in 2006. I wonder if my never-ending tears are because of how much I miss you, or all of my hormones due to being pregnant or a combination of everything. I miss being on the go 24/7. There is no way I can even fathom the thought of taking down your things and packing them away. I poked my head up out of bed to get a peek at your daddy who was stripping sheets, washing blankets, and tending to your brothers. I will never be o.k. Instead, I grabbed Rachel and took her with me. I spent the rest of the morning calling and texting our closest peeps. But now we have an office! Would it be too much to ask for the happiness of the world to just go on vacation for a day? How can words comfort that? It seems to completely throw them all off. It was the first time that the 9th wasnt completely gut wrenchingfor me. He said he knew. They didnt judge me. I remember last year, I couldnt even pack my suitcase. Maybe after she gets here, my mind will change but as of now, it has not. I love people like that. Thats all I needed to hear. He is a man that cares and sticks to his word. Getting out of Phoenix was the right thing to do. (but dont tell Poppy. You were mine. Liam and Quinn have a basketball game. I love you so much. How are you always right? Everything I do is for you. No words last night could have saved me. They seem to be growing by the day and that makes me so proud. So I shoved the phone away and rocked myself as I sob and cry and cry. Thanks for not listening, or caring in my opinion. From somebody named Tree. Ive noticed my heart racing a lot like I am having panic attacks again. She has been keeping me on my toes and the determination that I see in her eyes reminds me so much of you. I hope you are safe. The girls asked if I still had your Captain Rex costume. It brought life, hope, color and reassurance to those still fighting. You were supposed to be with me, for the rest of MY life. Holla! This is the end of your story for tonight, baby doll . I cannot believe that this is my life. I got up to do a few things yesterday. Then perfect baby Ronan. Thats what landed me in bed and somehow sucked me into the land of reality television which is so far from reality that it makes me want to barf. Do you know what else Ive gotten to do the past couple of days? It was game over. It cannot be real because it is too awful. Ive been trying all week to get over to PCH to grab your Captain Rex costume that we used to decorate the Christmas Tree. Shot after shot after shot. 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